Men's Meme - March 25, 2010 New Health Care Bill

This past week our US congress passed a new health care bill. I won't pretend that I know all about it, but I do know there is a lot of talk going on.

On one side, folks are against it. There argument is that we are going down the road to socialism and/or it will run our national debt up even higher. Some say that the government can't even efficiently run the programs that we have now how do they think they are going to be able to run national health care.

The opposite side claims that those who are against it are just heartless. Wouldn't Jesus want everyone to have health care? Shouldn't the poor have just as much access to health care as the rich? They say that this would ultimately save our country money because there would be less folks using emergency health services at the taxpayers expense.

Question of the week:

What do you think? Is this new health care reform good for our country? Do you agree with one of the above point of views? Why or why not?

I have to admit that I am not completely educated on the Health Care bill. I don't really have time to read's rather long. And, heck, the people who get paid to read it (CONGRESS!) didn't read it either. So, I feel somewhat excused. As uneducated about the bill as I am, I am still against it. I don't think it fixed the problem...Insurance Companies. Did the bill do anything to control what it costs to have insurance? What about the doctor who pays tens of thousands of dollars a year for malpractice insurance? Don't get me wrong, they can afford it for the most part. Allow me to defend some of the medical professionals for a second (it's my blog so you can't stop me). Some of these people are honestly involved in life and death all day long. Every decision they make, which can be under extreme pressure with limited time and information, can save or cost a life. I kinda want those people to make a LOT of money. Why? Because that's how our society rewards people for a job well done. You can talk about doing it for the common good or that a personal thank you has great meaning. Those are good and admirable things. But I work a difficult job. It's not life and death, but it's a lot of money on the line for the company and often enough it's with little data and great pressure from several areas for me to make a decision. I am not well compensated relative to my peers and it irritates me that I work for a company with a LOT of money, yet I worry about paying my bills from time to time. Doesn't seem right. I say the same for a life and death kind of Doctor. They shouldn't worry about their bills. How much is enough? Not for me to say. But I say all of that because the cost of medical care isn't ridiculous just because Doctors want to be rich. It's because they are going to be rich, but so are the insurance companies who don't actually do anything. So, who pays? The patient. So, now the government is going to step in and make sure everyone has health care. But did what they passed fix the cost problem? It doesn't seem like it to me.
And what social program has the government ever run that went well, reduced debt or went away? The NYS Thruway system was supposed to be paid for when I was a kid. Not only didn't that happen, it keeps costing more to drive on it. My mother was once told to quit her job and go on welfare because she needed a little - $100/month - help with food stamps or something. Great idea. Let's fund her entire existence rather than giving her a boost and letting her keep her job and her dignity but not run out of food.
The government can't do anything effectively or efficiently because there is hardly an honest soul involved. Pressure tactics, back-room deals, all taking place just to get the bill passed. "But now, we'll all get along and run it for the good of the American people." Yeah, right.

A good point to the bill. A friend of mine hasn't been able to get help with her son who is autistic. Insurance won't cover the treatments. Now, she can. I am glad for her and her son. But again, it wasn't cost, it was some insurance bureaucrat deciding this young boy shouldn't get the help.

The other big issue I have with it is abortion. My tax money, your tax money, will continue to fund abortion. Planned Parenthood will end up in public schools. It's ugly. And it's being foisted on an American Public that does not want it. I saw an interview on PBS a week or so ago with Nancy Pelosi. The interviewer said, in effect, you didn't have the votes in your own party, no one across the aisle supports the bill, and the public is sharply divided. Yet, you passed the bill. Pelosi replied that it was a great example of determination and perseverance for her constituents. Blah, Blah, Blah. I think she missed the point. He wasn't applauding her. With so little support, shouldn't you stop and ask why you're doing this? It has nothing to do with what's good for America or what the people want. Do it because it's historic or to prove you can or prove how powerful you are. Well, I'm unimpressed by your power.

Here's the good news. God is still in control. Never wasn't. So, we can rant and rave all we like (or need) but the best thing to do is pray and to be still and know that He is God.

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