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 A couple of things have conspired today to make me write this post. Not the least of which was a friend who said, "I haven't seen anything new on your blog lately." Quite true. I haven't made time. Well, I am now.
Another friend, who I haven't seen in a while, posted a song for me on facebook. An amazing song by MercyMe entitled Be My Love. The song is about Jesus asking his disciples, that's you and me if you are a follower of Jesus, to be His love to this world. I would buy their new album just for that song. It's that good, or it is to me because it has a lot of meaning since my friend sent it to me. So then I got to thinking about the song and am I being His love. Certainly I study about it and have for many years. But it's been on my mind that I don't do anything about it. So, until I "do" something, which has to do with me getting involved at church, I can be His love to the people around me. In whatever way the Holy Spirit prompts me throughout the day.

Also today, God revealed to me that I have, or have begun, to experience Romans 8:28. A while back, I left a church that a bunch of people I was close to had started. Most of those people had already left for one reason or another. I don't see or talk to most of those people often. We all went in different directions. As I exchanged emails with the friend who shared that song with me, I was lamenting that I missed my friends and I wish we were all together still. But then the Holy Spirit showed me that perhaps we were being sprinkled like the salt we are supposed to be. So that rather than staying all huddled together, this bunch of mature Christians has been spread out to help the younger. I thought I was being kooky when I wrote it, but she says no...that's the Lord.

So, then I'm reading Jesus Freaks by DC Talk (stop laughing). And after one of the stories, it's about martyrs, was a question and a verse. Question: What does a Jesus Freak do when betrayed by someone close to them? They show them God's love.
Verse: Love [God's love in us]...takes no account of the evil done to it - pays no attention to a suffered wrong...Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances and it endures everything [without weakening]. 1 Cor. 13:5,7 (Amplified version).
How I read that is, "Get over it." Stop holding on to the past. Forgive, move on. Be used of God. Because, if you can't, how can you do the first thing I showed you - Be My Love?

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