Why the scourging?

I wasn't going to go to church this morning. I'm really not feeling well. But, my middle son was singing a song with the Sunday School class, so I wanted to go. I'm glad I did (as usual).

Pastor is going through the Gospel of Mark. We're nearing the end. He was teaching chapter 15 today. Mostly concentrating on the utterly ridiculous "trial" of Jesus before Pilate. I mean, please. The chief priests violated nearly every rule of the Jewish law surrounding trials and accusations. Toward the end of service, Pastor talked a little about the scourging of Jesus.He didn't go into it much other than to ask, "Why the scourging when Jesus was going to be crucified?" Why did the Father allow him to be scourged as well? There's quite a bit of prophecy talking about it, so you know it has to happen. But why? Pastor gave the answer I have heard whenever the question is asked. "Because that is what my sin deserved." While I agree, I think there's more. When I watched the Passion - which I can't get through - I was sickened by the beating and scourging scene. Not the blood. With any movie which has a scene like that in it, there's one in Casino too where a guy gets beaten nearly to death with a bat, for some reason the part that gets me is I associate with the victim. You know, imagining what the person must be going through. Don't ask me why I do this, I have no idea. In the Passion, they show Jesus being beaten with rods and then the scourging. He's basically turned to hamburger. And at one point, I thought it was over until they show the guard (or whoever he is) motion to turn Jesus over and continue the scourging to his belly. When that part started, I couldn't watch. What came to mind was not only why did He do this for me, but, "How does one human being do that to another?" Pilate's motivation may have been to try to get the priests to relent, but the men doing the scourging simply didn't care. Perhaps they used the excuse that they were following orders. But scripture says they mocked, spit, punched, etc. They enjoyed it.
And I think that's one reason why Jesus was scourged. To demonstrate what man without God is capable of. We are NOT moral. We do NOT have any good in us. Only in the absence of God could a man disregard one of God's creations in such a way.
And then God began to point out to me how I treat my kids. Especially my eldest. I yell a lot. They misbehave, I yell. God told me that when I do that, I am scourging my kids. I am thinking of myself and what I want them to do or how I want them to act. They don't need to be treated that way. Yes, it's my job to discipline them and to raise them to be respectful, obedient, etc. But I am the grown up and a mature Christian. I should be demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit even in disciplining the kids.
They are God's creation and need guidance, not a scourging.

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