how easily we fall

I edited this from the original post. There was some concern that it would be perceived as gossip.

So I just got a call from a friend. It doesn't matter what the subject of the call was. I was asked a question and apparently didn't give the "right" answer. What I got at the end of the call was, "If you change your mind, give me a real call." What a load of guilt and garbage that is. Does that mean it's only a real phone call if I do what you want? Problem is, I think my friend means well and I really admire this person, so I let it go. I have to anyway. God judges the intent of our hearts...not my job.

We have to understand that we don't know the call God has on someone's life. We think, oh you'd be good at that, or you have talent for this. So what? Is God telling you to do that? I do think that God gives us talents and wants us to use them for His glory...but He has the final say in that.

Serving is hard and I am not suggesting that everything will go smoothly. It won't. There are humans involved, therefore drama. So do yourself a favor and ask God what He wants for you. And DO NOT put your faith in men. It's something we say a lot, but then forget and do it anyway. People stink and they want what they want.

God, I want to serve you in whatever capacity you have for me. Help me to KNOW what that is and how you want me to go about it.

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