Ezekiel 3:1

 I'm studying Ezekiel now. I've read it before, but always shied away from in-depth study because of the first chapter. What on earth is he talking about?!? Wheels? The four creatures? I'm not real big on using commentaries. Simply because I don't like to let someone's words shape my thinking too much when I am studying. I think it can take away from letting the Holy Spirit teach me. I am not bagging on commentaries or those who use them. I am only saying that I can get lazy if I have someone else to do the thinking for me. But I have to admit that I broke down on Ezekiel chapter 1 and got some help. Jon Courson has a really great explanation.
 But, I want to talk about what God showed me in chapter 3 this week.
In verse 1, Ezekiel is told to eat the roll. The roll is God's word for Israel. He is telling Ezekiel to take His words to heart (v 10). That's the same thing we are to do. When you read the Word, ask yourself what it means for you. What does it tell you about yourself, your situation, or God's plan for you.
There should be no "snacking" on God's word. The Bible is God communicating to us. It's how He expresses His character to us. And how He reveals His will for us.
Jesus said in John 4:34, "My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me and to finish His work."
Take God's work and do what He gives you to do. For Ezekiel, it was to go to Israel and deliver God's word. What has God given you to do?

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