Why are we called to ministry?

Why did Jesus call the disciples? Not because He needed them. God can handle delivering the message. And certainly, the 12 flawed men we know as the apostles weren’t always shining examples.

In Mark 1:33 the whole town was at the door after Jesus cast the demon out of the man. He didn’t need the 12 to tell everyone…the news spread and everyone came running.

He calls us to give us the opportunity to draw closer to Him to experience His power and love. And to show us who we are. To see our need for Him.

The food pantry is not the ministry I would have picked for myself. But this week, I got to see the hand of God move to provide food when we needed it and also to have an impact on 150 first graders.

When I think about a food pantry, I don’t see that coming.

Never underestimate the Creator of the universe’s ability to present you with an opportunity to make an impact.

Just be available, and GO!

I hear a lot of people say, "I'll pray about it." Why? If you are talking about a life-changing ministry like missions, ok... I get it. If you are talking about serving at your local church...go. You already prayed about it when you accepted Christ. You said, "I want to follow you, Jesus." Yes, we have to keep our priorities in order and make sure we are taking care of our families, etc. But I really think we stall when it comes to serving. Whether out of fear, anxiety or a desire to have a "cool" ministry.

Is God going to tell you not to serve a need in the church? All other things being equal (you are able and not otherwise committed), I don't think so.

Maybe you don't know what your gifts are or what your ministry is "supposed to be". If you see an opening and have a tug at your heart, try it. Take a look at Mark 1:16-20. Jesus calls the men to follow Him, and they just up and go. James and John left their father behind in the boat. If you lean on Jesus, He’ll always be there for you.

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