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God sent me some encouragement Monday. I was talking to some of my colleagues (A and B) and one of them, B,  cursed. A looked at me, then at B and said "No way Mark said that."  B reluctantly admitted it was him, not me who said it.

What's encouraging about that is I have been sitting next to A for a long time. And I didn't use to hold back my tongue a few years ago. My job frustrates me and I am a heart on my sleeve person, so it's pretty obvious when I am upset. I'm not proud of it or excusing it...just being honest. Then the Holy Spirit told me that I needed to clean up my act at work if I thought I was going to proclaim the Gospel to anyone. So, I pray a lot about it and God is certainly helping me...and it's showing to the people around me. I'm not nearly as grumpy as I once was. Some have recently dared to say that I'm not grouchy.  :)

In addition, A is a very smart, critical thinker. He doesn't believe in salvation and talking to him about the Bible or Jesus just gets an argument going...and he's a real good arguer. We once had an discussion that didn't go well for me. We don't talk about it any more and neither of us is upset with the other. I have seen others who were unprepared speak to him too and it's not pretty.

Having A say that yesterday was amazing to me. I have always thought that once you blew your witness, there's really no going back. Might as well move and get a new job. But that's not true. It may take a long time, but living your faith and walk with Christ out in the open will have an impact on people.

No longer can I say that "You are a walking testimony" is any kind of cliche. It is absolutely true! I don't say anything to A, but he knows, has seen, that something has changed in me. We, as Christians, are indeed a work in progress. Don't think you can never go back once you've stumbled. God, not you, draws people to Him in His time. Just keep living your faith. If you stumble, even if you wallow for a while in the mire of sin, get back up and continue walking with Jesus.

You just don't know who's watching.

p.s. my comment to A was that he should see me when I am around my kids....not always pretty. Praying about that too.

p.p.s. should work on that with my neighbor too. Long way to go there.

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