I've never known a light bulb to make a sound

My wife and I recently refinanced our home to get away from an evil bank and have our mortgage at the bank we use. So I had to call the insurance company for some paperwork. I met the nicest lady on the phone. Her name is Pat. We were lamenting technology while we waited for her computer to catch up with her request and I mentioned that I still write with paper and pencil when I study the Bible. When she heard me say that, she asked if I was a believer, to which I replied, "Yes." So we talked about how the Lord brings people into our lives every day and how that can be so encouraging sometimes. When I mentioned that I teach a Bible Study at work, we started talking about witnessing at work. Apparently some of her friends get kinda militant and tell her she should be standing in the aisles shouting, "Repent!" She disagrees. Me too. My Bible sits on my desk and I read it during lunch, when I get a lunch. I don't tend to hit people with it. I'd rather be an example. Be the best employee I can be. Be compassionate to coworkers. Handle the stress without a meltdown.
That's what Pat is like. She was completely polite, helpful and cheerful while we were on the phone...and that was before she knew I was a Christian. And she left me with what she calls a Pat-ism. While her friends were telling her that she should be shouting from the rooftops, she reminded them that...
"I've never known a light bulb to make a sound."

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