A sorta thanks to Harold Camping

Everyone's writing about it...why shouldn't I? Harold Camping has predicted May 21, 2011 as the rapture. Doubtful. Though, it could be tomorrow. I see no reason why it can't be. Most people are saying it can't be because Mr. Camping said it is. I don't think that disqualifies the day as if the Father is in heaven going, "Oh, great. Now I have to change the day. Good thing I was the only one who knew. At least I don't have to un-tell anyone." If he were right, doesn't change a thing. Harold Camping won't be standing at heaven's gate saying, "I told you so." It would amount to a lucky guess. But then, maybe God won't allow anyone to publicly guess the date and make a mockery of His Word to those who are left. Those who are left are pretty likely to make a mockery anyway.
Isn't it fun to see what goes on in my head all day?
Anyway, despite not believing Mr. Camping, I find myself asking if I'm actually ready. And then Bible study on Wednesday...same thing (and WOW, I'm so grateful that Nick is with us.).
Does God use people like Mr. Camping to remind us to look up? I get really busy with everyday life. I study the Bible. I go to church. I serve. But am I looking for Jesus through all that? I'm really not...not like I should. I ABSOLUTELY want Him to rescue me. Especially lately at work. I'm in a "I hate my job" cycle right now. There is way too much to do and the company knows it and flat out does not care. When I ask for help setting priorities and expectations I get almost no answer. So, I want Jesus to call me home. But not because I want to be with Him. Or not just because. That's where I want my heart to be. Wanting just Jesus. Just because He's the savior of my soul. Not because He can rescue me from my current troubles.
I've never been one to sit and ponder Heaven. I'm not sure why. I tend to be a pragmatist. It's how my mind works. But that gets in the way of what could be an amazing time of fellowship with the Lord. Contemplating and meditating on eternity with God. In His presence. Worshiping Him. Surrounded by His love. I mean...is there anything "practical" about that? No. But is it amazing? Encouraging? Worth thinking about? Uh, YES!

So, thanks (sorta) Mr. Camping. While you are totally wrong about so many things with respect to your prediction, perhaps you made some people think more seriously about the Rapture and how we are indeed approaching the end of the world.

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